Tornado’s Sir Bodhi

Whelped: 11/17/2011  
Weight: 67 pounds  
4x GMPR at 22 months old
AKC SH at 18 months old
EIC: Clear – LR-EIC2129/20M-VPI  
Hips: Good – LR-206207G25M-VPI 
PRA: Clear – LR-PRA919/20M-VPI 
CNM: Clear 
Eyes: Normal – LR-EYE3437/28M-VPI 

Sired by Lakota’s Hurricane Cruz, Bodhi is a strikingly handsome brown lab with a stylish point, drive to last all day, and an incredible nose for birds. Whether he’s working in the water or the upland field, Bodhi aims to please as a hunting partner.

As a personal companion and family pet, Bodhi’s sweet disposition always makes him a pleasure to have around the house. Trainer Mike Lettau of K & L Kennels enjoyed Bodhi’s company so much that he could often be seen riding shotgun in the front seat of Mike’s Mule, rather than in back with the other dogs.

Bodhi’s innate pointing ability has been evident since he began locking up in solid tripod points on quail wings at 9 weeks of age. He has matured into a dog that knows how to work the cover, be patient with the point, and always bidable– despite his incredible drive for birds.

When he marks, he watches the bird all the way down, and waits for the sound of the next gunshot before taking his eye off his target. As a pup, we nicknamed him the “Little Buddha,” because he would sit thoughtfully like a little statue, watching us throw bumpers and birds, as our older dogs did retrieving work. That stoic intensity has remained, and helped him blaze through his APLA and AKC titles, as he has earned his Senior Hunter title by 21 months of age and his
4x GMPR by 22 months of age, making him the second youngest 4x GMPR in APLA history.

Watch Bodhi and his hunting buddies in action on YouTube: